Elizabeth Erenberg Flute Academy

A ten-month-long, online program for flutists of all ages and levels to build community, bolster musical skills, and improve their human experience in the world.
Beginning July 202

What it includes

  • Regular performance opportunities
  • A supportive online community
  • Unlimited video and email feedback
  • Opportunities to work with a variety of prestigious teachers
Jasime Jalinous, high school student

Elizabeth is more than just a flute teacher. She is a great person to reach out to for life advice. She really cared about me as a person and impacted my life in an incredible way. I am grateful to her for her musical as well as personal guidance and encouragement. I recommend her as a teacher to everyone.”

Who is this program for?

This program is for intermediate and advanced players of all ages who want more challenge in their musical studies and to expand their flute skills in new ways. Community is a major component of the year-long program, so the academy is meant for those looking to connect with others like themselves – serious about studying this instrument and ready to learn skills they normally might not in school or other music education activities.

Participants learn from one another while challenging each other in a supportive way. This program enhances private lessons, ensembles, and more, so it is ideal for those who want to keep working with their current teachers while connecting with new ones from all over the world. Participants will be transformed by becoming more technically skilled on the flute, more confident as people, and freer as performers.

Featured Teachers

Elizabeth Erenberg – Lead Teacher
Vanessa Mulvey – Body Mapping
Jessi Rosinski – Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
Alexa Tarantino – Doubling, Improvising, and Jazz

More teachers to be announced soon.

Betsy Jasper, adult student

“I could never imagine my flute journey with anyone but Elizabeth. She makes learning fun, challenging, and incredibly enjoyable. Her patience is incredible. While she is light-years (and beyond) ahead of me in music, she is so encouraging and thoughtful. No judgment, no awkwardness. I love to listen to her explain music. She has the ability to break it down to the most simple form. Her credentials speak for themselves. I must say playing my flute brings me great joy every day and I have Elizabeth to thank.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We will discuss the cost upon your acceptance because it varies. I am able to offer two full scholarships and discounts if you register early. If you find out about this later than the start date, I do offer rolling admission. Payment plans are also available.

Q: I already study with a private teacher and am very active in my school music program and/or extracurricular music activities. Why should I do this academy too?

A: The program is designed to improve your work, performance, and experience in all your other music education. You’ll get more out of your private lessons and play better in ensembles. It will give you tools you may not normally get otherwise.

Q: How competitive is it to get into the academy?

A: Spots are limited. After you fill out the application, I will be in touch to proceed if you are a good fit. 

Q: I am older than the typical intermediate or advanced player. Is this still something I can be part of?

A: Yes! The program is for players of all ages.

Q: What does each class involve?

A: Each class will be interactive and involve participation and connection with others. Everyone will get to play throughout the year. You will also frequently be up and moving around to connect with your body as you improve as a flutist. 

Q: I’ve done so much online learning recently. How can I avoid “Zoom fatigue” while being part of this?

A: Since the program happens just once a month for 90 minutes, you will not get oversaturated with screen time. The online aspect is actually the major advantage of the program. It eliminates limitations of location, particularly travel time. It also allows you to work with prestigious teachers from all over the world.

Q: What if I just want to take private lessons with you instead of participating in this academy?

A: I am still offering private lessons too. However, my openings are more limited now than before, so I may put you on a waitlist. Contact me to discuss.

Q: My question wasn’t listed here. Can I contact you?

A: Yes, let’s connect. Contact me here.

Merry Zhang, high school student

“I went into my first lesson feeling very nervous and not knowing what to expect, but Elizabeth’s friendliness put me at ease right away. At the time, I was preparing for my second Junior Central District audition. Thanks to Elizabeth’s help, my score significantly improved from my first audition when I was self-taught. What I appreciate about Elizabeth’s teaching style is that she struck the balance between creating a comforting atmosphere while challenging me to bring out the best of my musical abilities. I will forever appreciate what Elizabeth did for me as my first private flute instructor. I would absolutely recommend Elizabeth to any flute student.”

“We’ve just finished our first year of lessons and it’s amazing to see the progress our daughter has made in such a short time.  Elizabeth has a wonderful ability to meet her students where they’re at and build their confidence.  What started as a way to keep our daughter from getting rusty over the summer break has exceeded our expectations and become a perfect year-round complement to her school flute lessons.”

-Andy Given, parent