Betsy Jasper, adult student

I started lessons with Elizabeth in person, but then we both moved to different parts of the country.  I looked into finding someone local to help me with flute lessons, but few had the credentials and no one had the fun-power of Elizabeth.  I could never imagine my flute journey with anyone but Elizabeth.   

Since music is a personal obstacle I am overcoming, Elizabeth makes learning fun, challenging, and incredibly enjoyable.

I would highly recommend anyone of any age to seek out Elizabeth for flute lessons.  She will meet you right where you are, encourage you, reasonably push you outside your comfort zone (which is huge), and most of all make the whole flute adventure fun.

I decided I wanted to play the flute later in life.  While I enjoy music, I have absolutely zero musical ability (can’t sing, no rhythm, etc.).  Deciding to play the flute was akin to going on an Outward Bound trip which tests you outside your comfort level.  At my age music was/is a huge challenge.

I called the local music store for flute lessons and they paired me up with Elizabeth.  The first lesson she literally had to show me how to put my flute together.  And we have never looked back.  She has been so supportive and encouraging and knowing exactly the right tactics to make this an enjoyable adventure.

Elizabeth has a wealth of knowledge.  I love to listen to her explain music.  She has the ability to break it down to the most simple form.

Her patience is incredible.  Once a year she plays a duet with me and we make a recording of a song I have been working on (yes… owing to my lack of musical aptitude….sometimes it may take me a whole year to learn one song).  She is always so patient to help me learn… and then we have this end-of-year celebration recorded to document the fruits of our labor.  It makes me feel so good to have her support and see my improvements.

Elizabeth is so encouraging.  While she is light-years (and beyond) ahead of me in music, she is so encouraging and thoughtful and understands this does not come easy for me. I am so appreciative of her understanding that it may take multiple lessons to get just a few measures right.  No judgement, no awkwardness.  She will explain things over and over.

Also….Elizabeth easily has the ability to help even the most advanced flutist.  Her credentials speak for themselves and while she is way over-qualified to be helping me, she does so with patience, humor, and perseverance.  While this is my big challenge in life, I must say playing my flute brings me great joy every day and I have Elizabeth to thank.