5 social benefits of music lessons for homeschoolers

Studies are showing more and more academic, cognitive and intellectual rewards of music lessons. For all kinds of students, but particularly homeschoolers, music lessons help with social development.

Here are the top 5 ways music lessons help with social development.

  1. Communication

Learning the mechanics of an instrument and musical concepts are done best with instruction and guidance from a teacher. Communicating with a teacher to understand concepts is a great way to develop social skills. Good music teachers help the student learn the basics, but great teachers engage them on both intellectual and social levels, in turn promoting their interactive skills.

  1. Teamwork

Playing music is sometimes most rewarding when done with other people. Practicing and playing alone have various therapeutic effects and also can promote self-discipline, but most students light up when they can play with others. My students love working towards a goal of playing their piece with piano or collaborating with their peers to play duets and trios, etc. In addition, they enjoy working toward playing in a large ensemble such as a band or orchestra.

No matter what the ensemble is, everyone in it matters. Music, therefore, can help homeschoolers learn teamwork like sports can, but in even deeper ways.

  1. Self-esteem

Playing music well can work wonders for kids’ confidence.

Performing in front of an audience is one of the riskiest activities for a music student. When it’s done well, it can have lifelong benefits to their self-confidence, which will translate in many forms from public speaking to interviews and more.

Some studies have shown that reading music is more challenging than reading a foreign language. Mastering reading of notes and rhythms gives kids a tremendous sense of pride and ability to speak the “universal language” that is music.

  1. Exposure to other cultures

When music becomes the story of history, that’s when it transcends just notes and technique.

Various composers old and new represent world history and many different cultures, eras and historical events. What better way to learn about the world than by playing the music written during the times and places that shaped it?

  1. Positive self-expression

The artistic parts of being a musician benefit a developing person’s social interactions. Happiness and enjoyment translate directly into interactions with others, often easing anxiety and promoting positivity.


These are just a few ways that investing in music lessons can benefit a homeschooler’s social development. Do you know of others? Contact me.

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