How to Take Music Lessons Online

“You give lessons online?” a kid asked me this week when I was giving a demo at a local school. “But how does that like, work?” With the right technology, online music lessons are not only possible but a terrific alternative to driving long distances and having parents wait in the car or elsewhere. InContinue reading “How to Take Music Lessons Online”

5 ways to motivate summer practicing

Lounge on the beach or practice scales couped up at home? Tough choice…not. Summer is on the near horizon, which means music students, who are also regular students, are getting ready to throw their papers in the air and run wild. Just because summer is the one time you can actually soak up Vitamin D theContinue reading “5 ways to motivate summer practicing”

How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma

I’m no doctor, but sometimes I know a thing or two about a thing or two. This topic is relevant for anyone who suffers from asthma or similar breathing conditions. …cough cough…particularly any of my students who have decided to stop lessons because of asthma. Here are scientifically proven ways that playing a wind instrumentContinue reading “How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma”

5 social benefits of music lessons for homeschoolers

Studies are showing more and more academic, cognitive and intellectual rewards of music lessons. For all kinds of students, but particularly homeschoolers, music lessons help with social development. Here are the top 5 ways music lessons help with social development. Communication Learning the mechanics of an instrument and musical concepts are done best with instructionContinue reading “5 social benefits of music lessons for homeschoolers”

What’s the easiest way to learn to read music?

There are many ways to learn to read music. You can watch youtube videos, read method books, or hire a teacher to help. To get started on your own, buy some staff paper at your local music store. The five lines of the staff are where you’ll read notes from. On the bottom of theContinue reading “What’s the easiest way to learn to read music?”