How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma

I’m no doctor, but sometimes I know a thing or two about a thing or two. This topic is relevant for anyone who suffers from asthma or similar breathing conditions. …cough cough…particularly any of my students who have decided to stop lessons because of asthma. Here are scientifically proven ways that playing a wind instrumentContinue reading “How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma”

Learning in groups of various musical skill levels

Playing with other people takes music-making to a whole new level. How can it work with differing levels of skill?¬† ‚ÄčIn any setting, especially in the classroom or group lessons, here are ways I found to be helpful in managing many levels of skill. 1. Have them teach each other Give the advanced students aContinue reading “Learning in groups of various musical skill levels”

Teaching music without a music degree

Jerry Xiong, an elementary school teacher in Oregon, asks: How should I teach music in my school when I don’t have a music education degree? What are some basic skills and things I should teach second graders? This is a great question, particularly if you are in a school with little or no music program.Continue reading “Teaching music without a music degree”