How to Take Music Lessons Online

“You give lessons online?” a kid asked me this week when I was giving a demo at a local school. “But how does that like, work?” With the right technology, online music lessons are not only possible but a terrific alternative to driving long distances and having parents wait in the car or elsewhere. InContinue reading “How to Take Music Lessons Online”

How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma

I’m no doctor, but sometimes I know a thing or two about a thing or two. This topic is relevant for anyone who suffers from asthma or similar breathing conditions. …cough cough…particularly any of my students who have decided to stop lessons because of asthma. Here are scientifically proven ways that playing a wind instrumentContinue reading “How Playing a Wind or Brass Instrument Can Help Asthma”

The Case for Music Lessons in Adulthood

“It’s too late for me.” “I’m no virtuoso and never will be.” “I’m afraid of performing.” “I’m slow to learn new things.” Those are common statements I hear from adults who are trying to convince themselves they should not take music lessons. They are usually faced with one of two things: learning music for theContinue reading “The Case for Music Lessons in Adulthood”

Sight-read like a pro in 5 steps

Sight-reading is the necessary and oftentimes dreaded part of auditions. Why is it so important, you might be wondering, after you’ve spent endless hours preparing music that you know? It’s not meant to throw you under the bus after you’ve worked so hard. It’s meant to show how sharp your musical skills really are. IfContinue reading “Sight-read like a pro in 5 steps”

5 ways to get a student to stick with music

Which is worse? “I used to play the flute and then I quit in sixth grade. I’ve always regretted it.” or “I was forced to play the flute all throughout my childhood, and I hated it. I’ve never recovered from the psychological damage that ensued from being forced to do something I didn’t enjoy andContinue reading “5 ways to get a student to stick with music”