Top 5 Questions Parents Ask About Music Lessons

1. How much should my child be practicing?
When learning a new instrument, consistency is the key. The instrument and the human need to bond with one another. Face muscles to build embouchure and hands need to stretch to their correct position. Learning to read music requires repetition.  So, to start, I recommend at least 10 minutes a day. Every day.

2. How do I get my child to practice?
Read this post.

3. Is my child talented?
The better question is: do they like it? I’m not a huge believer that anyone is born a prodigy. Even natural-born talents need to work hard to succeed. Hard work and success are best accompanied by genuine enjoyment. If you force something they don’t seem to enjoy, talent won’t matter.

4. When should my child upgrade their instrument?
Whenever the beginner player becomes an intermediate player, or the intermediate becomes an advanced player. For kids who start flute in 4th or 5th grade (the average age), upgrade at about late middle school or early high school. If they go further on with their studies, get a professional model in either early college or late high school.

5. How can my child win the audition? ​
Practice often and practice correctly. Putting in ten focused minutes is much better than putting in two unfocused hours. However, putting in a focused ten minutes only once a week will likely not win them the audition. The more they play the instrument in a focused way, the better they’ll be at mastering their nerves and playing their best.

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