Cute right?

But no, I’m not talking about babies.

I’m talking about this funky rhythm:

Music. a group of three notes to be performed in the time of two ordinary notes of the same kind.

Why are there three notes under one flag? What does the little 3 on top mean?

This usually stumps everyone at first.

In basic rhythm (and life), things are usually divided into two’s.


Therefore, two evenly spaced notes usually happen within the time period of one longer note.

But now, we are putting things into three’s instead of two’s. The triplet means that there are three evenly spaced notes under one beat.

So, think of a three-syllable word. How about MEXICO or ERENBERG or TRI-PUH-LET, as some people say.

Now start snapping your finger once on the first syllable of that word. Look at a ticking clock, or put a metronome on. Then, start saying that three syllable word in the space between each beat, with the actual beat landing on the first syllable.

Check out these videos for some real life examples and different ways of explaining it.

Triplets – Understanding Rhythm and Notation…

Triplets: Music Theory

In the meantime, can you think of any popular songs that have triplets? List them in the comment section!

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